The Birth Of “The New Age” Of Journalism

One of the greatest aspects of the natural process of life on Earth, is rebirth.

If you haven’t yet read my previous article from May 5, 2019, titled The Death Of “So Called” Journalism, I encourage you to do so. With that being said, let’s dive right in.

Rising from the ashes that are the remains of the self destructed incendiary bomb that once was The Main Stream Media, is a fresh new age of journalists, young & old alike. Some of these freshman are schooled in such walks of life, but interestingly enough, many if not most are ordinary every day non credentialed citizens just like you or I.

As millions upon millions of true American Patriots watch in disbelief, the slow agonizing death of The Main Stream Media, thousands of them, myself included, are taking the fruitful opportunity to fill the massive, dark void that is opening in their stead.

As I write these very words, so many people just like you or I, are spending every moment of their spare time to spread world truths on social media platforms.

The fact that you’re here reading this is proof that you are either awoke or being awakened by the fact that journalism is not only dying, but rapidly being replaced by opinion pieces & facts of truth on multiple civilian based social media platforms.

This of course is in drastic contrast to the Main Stream Media false reporting narratives that are being ever increasingly pushed onto We The People like free crack cocaine in a gangland candy store.

The very fact that I’m not afraid to call many of them opinion pieces while simultaneously praising them as real news in domination of MSM puff pieces being pushed by liberal political hacks, should speak volumes to how far things have fallen in the world of journalism. It’s very sad indeed. Borderline pathetic. I take that back. It’s outright pathetic.

To much of our surprise, the political pundits & democratic operatives who have quite openly sacrificed their careers for the ill fated sake of greed & corruption, are in record time being replaced by honest & sincere patriots of true republic democracy.

As I not only encourage these future journalists to continue capturing the stage & spotlight, I encourage you on a level of equal importance to seek the words of these fresh & tactful voices.

The positive aspect to take away from this potentially terrible situation, is the very fact that it will inevitably enforce “independent thought” onto the minds of readers & viewers, if nothing else.

Think about it… if the journalism in the world is sewn with deception & fake news narratives, like a cancer deep inside our brains, what other choice will we have but to think away the fruitless nonsense and focus on uncovering the underlying truth?

In a sense, this strategy has been practiced for years by many… long before the age of Fake News. Many intelligent people near the center left & right areas of the spectrum have long sought refuge from arguments on both sides of the aisle. For example, a center right leaning voter would quite often rely on both Fox News as well as Very Fake News CNN & MSNPC in a manner that would allow them to hear both sides of the argument and ultimately reach their own conclusions of the truth… and visa versa with a mildly left leaning individual. Wait… what the hell am I saying?… there’s no longer any such thing as a mildly left leaning individual… As Willy Wonka conveniently said, “Strike that… reverse it.”

These days it’s becoming more & more evident that you’re either a far right Jew loving racist Nazi Trump supporting bigot, or you’re an AOC worshipping, antifa socialist utopia striving communist wannabe Bernie Bro.

The point that I’m making is that the insane far left is so adamantly convinced that the conservatives are all far right, and the conservatives are laying out facts that prove that the insane far left are in fact crazy, that sooner or later, something’s got to give.

Fortunately for those of us who are sane, the truth is finally beginning to be revealed, the Main Stream Media hacks are beginning to fall like dominoes, and the world has very little shortage of P.H.D. yielding shrinks who harbor a vivacious thirst for reaping rewards as well as financial gain from diagnosing & treating the liberal pathogen that is known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

All the while, devoted American Patriot seekers of the truth such as you & I, are not only watching & enjoying the ride as this madness all plays out, but also taking up the slack by inadvertently filling the void that is constantly opening up in the wake of the big awakening.

(To be continued in the next chapter…)

Why The “New Age” Of Journalists Will Quickly Rise To The Top

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

May 5th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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