Free Speech Censorship In Social Media

My original title for this article was “Conservative” Censorship In Social Media. I decided not to pigeon hole the topic, because the social media censorship that we are witnessing today is far more dangerous than the aspect of one specific target.

In a nutshell, social media giants are attempting to silence any speech that does not contribute to the progression of their ideals. Any educated person would agree that such a standard is merely putting our society only one fragile step away from totalitarian communism.

History has shown that these types of situations begin subtly and quite frankly, under the radar. Fortunately, history also shows that once the ball really gets rolling, these situations seem to grow exponentially.

I say fortunately, because if you’re a target of such a situation, in this case “free speech censorship”, you can be relieved by the fact that this exponential growth will inevitably become so massive that it will eventually be revealed to anyone with their eyes open.

In this case, the growth of free speech censorship on all major social media platforms is now showing proof of a world wide awakening of those who have, up to this point, been seemingly blind to what’s really been going on behind the closed doors of the elites who think they’re running the show.

I’ll get into some of the latest examples of what I’m talking about, but let me begin by stating the obvious. In this politically charged climate, particularly in America, all of the social media giants are favoring one side, rather than neutrally serving both. If you need me to tell you which political side is being favored, then it’s quite possibly too late for you.

As I previously stated, this biased favorability started very subtly. Several years ago, an individual could pretty much say anything to their heart’s desire in a Facebook post or Twitter tweet, so on & so forth. About the only thing that could get your account suspended was posting content filled with explicit nudity or outright threats of physical harm to another individual.

Then the social giants slowly began to wade into deeper waters, baby step by baby step.

The next thing you knew, you were getting 24 hour account suspensions for expressing derogatory terms toward the previous President.

Then, people began to notice that other accounts were allowed to remain active for posting content of equal malice or in most cases, far worse and malicious.

At first, many of us thought that it was simply a case of insufficient monitoring of sites that allowed some malicious content to slip through the gaps while random content was caught in the “loose screening”.

Then, coincidentally right around the third week in November of 2016, the water seemingly got deeper… much deeper.

I’m racking my brain to determine if there was some sort of minor world event or series of events that transpired at that time that could have possibly contributed to fuel this progression of censorship, but I’m just not coming up with anything. Wait… who stole my sarcasm filter?

For most, it couldn’t be more clear as to what was really fueling the fire, but for many, it would take more than two years to realize that all of the major social media platforms were at the time, and still are, being controlled and manipulated by politically biased elite one percenters.

I’ve covered how this censorship began, mildly and slowly. I’ll spare you the details of the one hundred and one forward steps of progression that followed over the past couple of years, as this piece of writing would become a three hundred page novel, rather than a Sunday article.

It is now being discovered that one of the original cofounders of Facebook has stood up and announced that politically biased censorship on social media has skyrocketed so explosively that he is calling for the monopolized giant to be broken up. That’s right, he wants his own cofounded company, run by a politically hacked billionaire stooge, to be broken up in an effort to enforce the monopoly laws that were set in place to avoid this very situation from occurring in the first place.

This past several weeks have been very interesting to say in the least, in regard to the ramifications of the strong, attempting to silence the “seemingly” weak. I say “seemingly”, because that’s precisely what it is. The social media giants are Goliath. We The People are David. They seemingly think that they can simply kick us to the curb as we try to nibble at their heels.

What they apparently don’t understand is that they are on the verge of receiving a huge, heaping helping of cosmic payback. Not only are they about to receive a Trump tower sized boulder up and down the side of their Anti-Conservative craniums, they’re going to come violently crashing to their deaths and be reduced to nothing more than a mound of dirt that will ultimately serve as a cozy foundation for lady justice to perch her new empire.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

May 12th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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      1. I couldn’t disagree more, but that’s the entire glory and importance of free speech in the world. You may not agree, but may find interest in this morning’s article on the true dangers of fake news.

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