Carter & Solomon, And The Coup Of High Treason

Watergate might as well have never even existed. Actually, maybe it’s great that it did happen. Because I believe it’s gonna end up being a terrific warm up episode for the true scandal that’s only in it’s infancy stages of revelation.

If you’ve even remotely been following along, you’ve known for months now, and possibly even years, that Sara Carter & John Solomon will ultimately go down in the books as the breakers of the biggest scandal in American history.

As a matter of fact, I believe it will inevitably be bigger than that. The biggest coup in the history of the world.

Sure, there have been events that have shaken the Earth to its very core, but the world was smaller then. Today, the world is much bigger, much more connected, and far more alive than she’s ever been before.

With intertwined activity electronically at the fingertips of billions of human minds all over the globe, the vibration of life currently occupies every cubic inch of space in our atmosphere. It’s really quite amazing. But at the same time, it’s also very scary.

People who wish to conduct malicious works, have never had it easier when you really take a moment to think about it. Seekers of malice have more access to anything in the world, and they can overnight express their any wish or desire, right to their doorsteps without even getting out of bed.

So, what happens when these same evil minded doers, successfully climb their way far enough up the ladder to do big, bad things in really high places? What happens when their little tastes of destructive glory become overcome with the hunger for greed and corruption?

It’s simple. They gradually find their way into more & more money and with it, more & more power. Then, as an added bonus, they get away with it freely. I ask you then, what happens after they get away with it? It’s usually predictable enough. They do it again. Only the next time, they go much bigger, they go much badder, and they go for much more.

That is precisely what has been going on all over the world for centuries. The only difference now, is that for the past few decades, evil people in high places have had the internet to ease their efforts.

Luckily for the rest of us, every internet transaction leaves an electronic trail of evidence. What used to be known as a paper trail. The only thing lacking these days is a couple of true, justice minded journalists to follow that trail that will reveal to us the truth.

Thanking God, it’s easy enough to testify that we have been blessed with that couple of like minds, in Sara Carter & John Solomon.

If you are not yet aware, you soon will be, that Carter & Solomon have been on the case for years now, working tirelessly at uncovering the largest coup of treason in, at the very least, modern history.

More exciting than that, their mere few years of investigatory journalism have already dug into decades of scandal that have been going on amongst the superpowers of the world, directly under the noses of the public.

If you think that a handful of bumbling burglar idiots, rummaging through the DNC Headquarters, planting bugs in a hotel room, and then the President lying about it was exciting, I suggest that you buckle up tight for the ride that you’re about to experience.

I’ll give you a little taste, if you’re not up to speed. It all goes back at least as early as the fall of the Soviet Union. All of the superpowers that remained standing at the time, mainly the United States & Great Britain, along with the most dominant oligarchs, all fought to rape the land of all of its riches.

Guess who one of the many, many good old boys was, who had all of his fingers in all of the pie?… You’ve got it! Good ole Billy Clinton. He and his wonderfully charitable wife. And guess what? The robbing never stopped. Though, many like them got in and out of the game throughout the years, the Clintons just seemed to have a knack for it. Greed and corruption just seemed to be their niche. Their specialty. They were born for it. They were bred for it. Let’s face it… the world owed it to them. Well, things went on like that for them for a while, but all good things must come to an end, right? They were eventually run out of office, but they were not even close to being run out of power.

Fast forward two decades later, the raping and pillaging of the world on a grand scale has only sped up. But worse still, now hundreds of thousands of people are now benefitting from the hoarded riches & power. But there are only the same select few who have been perched atop the whole time.

It’s the biggest story in the history of journalism. Every reporter on Earth should be fighting for the scraps. In reality, they wouldn’t even have to fight for it. This story is big enough to keep hundreds of thousands of journalists in job security for years to come.

However, only two brave people in the vast oceans of reporters and journalists have stepped forward to put their honor and integrity on the line, in their search for the truth, for the world’s eyes to see. These two amongst many millions, are Sara Carter & John Solomon.

My message to Sara and John,

You are the human saviors for every man, woman and child who seeks truth and justice for us all.

You have stood forward when no one else had the courage.

We pray for your safety and we pray that the truth will continue to be revealed for you to share with the world.

You will both go down in history as a once in a lifetime team to do the dirty work for the good of everyone.

You will be greatly honored and rewarded for a very long time to come.

God Bless you and God Bless us all.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 1st, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

10 thoughts on “Carter & Solomon, And The Coup Of High Treason

    1. I’ve asked myself the same thing. But I’ve been following so closely with independent news reporters, that I now understand what’s going on. The simplest way to put it is this. Think of it as a hunting or fishing analogy. Sometimes you can shoot a squirrel from your back porch, or catch a trout right off your dock. But occasionally, your prey is far more elusive. In some rare instances, with a few particular species, you very well may have one chance and one chance only to nab the prey. If you miss it, it’ll run and hide, never to be seen again. This is the case with good old madame Clinton. Only, to make things much more complex, this prey is running with an entire pack of swamp creatures. If you are lucky enough to catch one, the rest will scatter. Trump has to trap them all in one fell swoop. This is a world game of chess, not a casual backyard game of checkers.

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  1. For anyone reading this, I’ll give you some very good tips to receive information that isn’t being reported on any Main Stream media outlets, not even FOX News. If you don’t have access to YouTube, get it. Once you’re on there, here are a few of many great channels to receive updates.
    1) Dan Bongino (ex secret service agent)
    2) Citizens Investigative Report
    3) Lori Colley
    (These people spend their entire days researching for us, to keep us informed)


  2. You should also obviously be following every footstep of Sara Carter & John Solomon. These are the two reporters who will go down in history as breaking this story wide open to the general public. Every story that you hear, they’ve known about for over three years. But they’re doing it safely. They’re only releasing one little tidbit of information at a time.


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