The Political War And It’s Toll On Relationships

Do you know anyone who’s dissolved a relationship as a result of the political unrest since the 2016 election?

Do you know anyone who’s broken ties with a loved one, based purely on politics?

Do you know anyone who’s quit or lost their job due to this political polarization and division?

Have you yourself gone through, or are currently going through, some sort of break up, divorce, or overall life change due to the current politically charged world climate?

If you do, or if you are… you are most certainly not alone.

I personally know of dozens of long term relationships that now cease to be of existence, simply because of political disagreements.

I’m not going to continue to walk on eggshells and dance around this…

Liberals & Conservatives everywhere, are cutting ties as a result of the Never Trump Movement.

I’ve got news for you… this Never Trump Movement isn’t even remotely restricted to those who reside solely in the United States. This era has affected and infected the entire population of the world.

All eyes are on what’s happening in America right now.

The entire planet is watching… and engaging. Or disengaging as may be more suitable a term.

With that being said, let’s rewind to 2008, shall we?

I was anti-obama from the get go.

Not because I’m a conservative, or a racist, or a bigot, or a narcissist, or a Nazi, or whatever the liberal talking point phrase of the day may be.

I was anti-obama because I thought that he was bad for America… and I still stand by that today.

So, how did I react on the morning after the 2008 United States Presidential Election?

I went to work that day and said to my conservative coworkers, “well, it looks like we’ll have to give it a try again in 2012”.

Fast forward to 2012…

How did I react the morning after that election? I went to work the exact same way and said the exact same thing.

And look what happened…

I got my chance to cast my vote and elect my new President.

Did the Never Trumpers grant me and my vote the same decency and integrity that I awarded to them during the previous eight years of my life?

No they didn’t… Hell No, they didn’t.

What did they do?

They decided to rob me of my right to my choice and try to take my vote away from me.

And worse, here we are, three quarters of the way through my President’s first term, and they’re still trying to rob me of that same right.

Why don’t the Never Trumpers grant me my rights as an American citizen, the same as I granted them for so long?

Don’t tell me that it’s because of Trump or because of lies and deceptions caused by Trump.

The Never Trump Movement was far under way, long before the election of 2016.

The only question that remains is, how far are The Never Trumpers willing to go?

How much division are they willing to sow in our once fresh and fertile garden of rights?

I, for one, personally believe that they are prepared to blindly follow their divisive leaders straight off the edge of a great precipice.

I am firmly convinced, that they are willing to burn our country to the ground, and potentially destroy everything and everyone in it, rather than give us our right to what we duly deserve… the same right that we granted them for so long…

the right to vote our hearts and our minds.

With that being said, the Never Trumpers will continue to sow division until the time that lady justice has her day under God.

And that day is soon to come.

Until then, please hold on dearly to what you believe.

This division will not last forever.

The truth will be revealed.

Justice will be served.

Evil will be avenged.

God bless you all.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 1st, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

4 thoughts on “The Political War And It’s Toll On Relationships

  1. There is exactly the same sort of divide in the U,K, after the 2016 referendum on whether to leave or to stay in the European union. Leave won 52% to 48% and the uproar since has been incredible. According to those who lost those who sought to leave are all knuckle dragging racists, too ignorant to understand what was involved….I have had a number of friendly relationships cooled off in the aftermath – the intolerance is incredible.

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