The True Damage Caused By Fake News

Notice that I didn’t put the words Fake News in quotations. I didn’t want any readers skimming right past the title, while assuming that I believe Fake News to be some sort of hoax pushed by conservatives.

I also don’t want to make any assumptions myself, by presuming that every intelligent mind in the world is fully aware of the reality of the existence of Fake News, let alone being knowledgeable of the potential damages that it causes.

For the past few months, and for many of us, the past few years, we’ve asked ourselves “why would the left leaning Main Stream Media sacrifice so much to look like such fools in the eyes of the world, just to push a fake narrative?”

Yesterday, I was given the answer plainly and simply… because Fake News works.

Please allow me to explain why I have now been convinced that Fake News works and why it not only scares me a bit, but also pisses me off quite the same.

I was in the office for my primary employer, trying to wrap my head around the next project that I’ll be supervising for the remainder of the year. As I was revising the blueprints for the project, the Co-President & Treasurer of the company was sitting at his desk across the room.

He suddenly turned to me and said “What do you think of your boy Trump now?”

This well respected man, my primary employer for many years, is a 78 year old multi millionaire and life long conservative. He was also an avid Trump supporter, same as me, who also cast his vote for our President on November 8th, 2016.

However, in the past 2 1/2, now going on 3 years, it’s become more than obvious to me, that he’s been affected by the Fake News Kool-Aid. And I’ve gotta be honest with you, it doesn’t settle with me very well at all.

It took no more than a moment to realize that his question in comment to me on Trump, was driven by the fact that he now believes Trump to be impeachable for every bit of mud that’s been smeared on him since the election. Very scary indeed.

I was so baffled by his ridiculous commentary, that I don’t even recall the specifics of the next sentence out of his mouth as he swung around in his office chair to face me. I do recall however, that it was prompted by Mueller’s press conference from earlier this week.

The only thing that I clearly recall next, was that I asked him “What about the testimonies of Attorney General Bill Barr?”

His reply to me was this…

“You don’t think for one minute that Trump ordered Barr to say everything he’s said thus far?”

That was it. I immediately understood that his mind had been rotted by the tainted falsehoods of the Fake News Media.

I was quick to respond “Where in the hell are you getting your news… CNN?”

His reply was “I get my news from all of them, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc”. “I like to watch them all”, he continued, “to form my own opinions and narratives of the situation”.

Well that’s all fine and dandy. As a matter of fact, I used to use that very same strategy. That was of course until the race for 2016, when I awakened to the fact that the liberal Main Stream Media was in fact unfair & biased.

I noticed that he didn’t mention FOX NEWS, or any other conservative leaning news sites. How is any intellectual mind going to be properly informed if they receive all of their news from biased one sided news sources?

The answer is simple… they won’t be properly informed.

I then attempted to inform him that these days, if you want to be properly informed, you need to gain access to independent news sources, particularly on social media platforms.

This is of course, in itself, very dangerous as well, as independent news sites on social media platforms are quickly being shut down in silence by the liberal giants who control them… but I’ve already covered that in previous articles right here on “Take It Or Leave It”.

However, the odds of getting my 78 year old, multi millionaire, lifelong conservative, Fake News CNN Kool-Aid drinking boss to find the articles in my blog and actually read and absorb them, are probably not very good.

The question is, who else can we save?

Who remains to be convinced to stop drinking the Fake News Kool-Aid? Is it too late for anyone who’s tasted it? Is there an age cut off point to teach old Kool-Aid drinkers new tricks?

With that being said, let us now get down to the initial substance of this article.

Fake News is a true threat.

It is not only a true threat in America, it is a clear and present danger to every heart & mind in the entire world.

If Fake News Main Stream Media, with their awesome platforms, can sway a Trump supporter and lifelong conservative, who else can they sway?

I’d like you all to think about that long and hard as you go about the events of your following days, weeks & months.

We are not in a little tiff. We are not skating around a fight. We are not tip toeing around a battle. We are in a war.

We are in a war to protect a duly elected President.

We are in a war to protect our first amendment right of free speech and free press.

We are in a war to protect our second amendment right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our children.

We are in a war to protect everything good and holy which was generously awarded to us all by our founding fathers.

We are in a war to protect the honor and sacrifice of every child, woman & man who bravely sacrificed their life to forever keep us safe and uphold such rights under God.

Let us sign off by acknowledging this…

We will win this war.

Good always triumphs over evil.

We have lady justice on our side.

We have the light of God on our shoulders.

Our children will bring a new hope to the future of our humanity…

As long as we continue to teach the truth and the honorable.

God Bless You.

God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

God Bless Us All.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 1st, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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