Who Really Wanted The USS John McCain “Out of Sight”?

If you haven’t heard, on President Trump’s recent trip to Japan, an interesting thing happened.

The USS John McCain was reportedly ordered by The White House to be removed and taken “Out of sight” while President Trump was in attendance.

If you jump right to any hasty conclusions, particularly like those from The Wall Street Journal, you might say that it must have been Trump.

Everyone knows that The President hates McCain. He’s made no secret of it. He’s made it more than clear how he feels about McCain, and many agree that it’s for very legitimate reasons.

However, it’s been rumored on reports of good authority, that the story has been given an all familiar political spin by the left leaning media outlet.

We’re confident that someone obviously made the order for the symbolic American vessel to be out of sight, but the question is who. If it wasn’t in fact The Commander In Chief, then who else could have pulled it off?

There are three primary tenants of any overseas security advance for any visit of a United States President.

The United States Secret Service,

The White House Staff,

And The Office United States Military.

On occasion, these staffers going overseas on these round the world trips over & over & OVER, they’ll take breaks just like the rest of us. Ever call in sick to work when you’re a little bit burned out?

Well the same thing happens in the upper levels of government as does when you call out of work… your management gets someone to fill in for you.

Occasionally, an inexperienced staffer ends up filling in at high levels on these trips overseas. And once in a while, someone will try to go above and beyond and do something bold & stupid in a desperate attempt to impress the President.

Dan Bongino, an Ex Secret Service Agent himself, recalled several instances when he’d seen this very type of thing happen, sometimes in crazy circumstances that you wouldn’t believe.

He reported on his show on Friday, May 31st, that he’d been informed from his own source that this was in fact the case with the removal of The USS John McCain during President Trump’s trip to Japan.

It will most likely come out, precisely who the person responsible is, for creating this situation and turning it into a story, but it’s doubtful that it will ever be reported in any Main Stream media outlets.

For the rest of us thankfully, We The People, can continue to seek the truth and wade our way through the slick tricks and the false narratives of Fake News MSM.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 2nd, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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