Why The Liberal Main Stream Media Can’t Lay Off The Kool-Aid

The latest flavor of liberal Kool-Aid is everywhere. It’s been piped & pumped into every television & radio across the land for nearly three years.

Many of us think that we’re immune to it, but we’re not… we’ve simply refused to taste it thus far.

The liberal Kool-Aid is like heroin. It’s everywhere. It’s flying directly in the path of everyone. It welcomes anyone who’s willing to give in to its powerful submission.

It’s up to you and you alone to decide whether or not to engage in its seemingly awesome powers.

It will tempt you with fulfilling happiness.

It will offer you glory.

It will promise you everything…

but it will give you nothing.

So, you may or may not find yourself wondering, “why does the liberal Main Stream Media continue down such a self destructive path, even in the face of said self destruction?”

Well, the answer is quite simple… In the beginning, they were merely addicted.

But you must remember that this addiction played itself out over several stages.

At one point in time, they got their first taste.

And it was good.

So good in fact, that they went back for more.

It’s consumption was so fulfilling, and promised them so much, that they returned for more, and more, and MORE.

Eventually, the addiction grew into something greater… far greater.

Soon, they began to realize the potential dangers of their involvement. They started to see the damages to themselves and even to others around them.

But, by this time, they had reached the point of no return…

or had they?

For those of us who’ve lived through and overcome an addiction, we know very well that the only point of no return is death. Anything that happens before that can be reversed. It’s never too late until you die.

But when it comes to making that choice, you have to be willing to sacrifice anything & everything that may be at stake.

And at this late point, the stakes are high.

Important things such as your health & safety, must be balanced on the scale with lesser important things such as your reputation and influence on others.

However, on occasion, the ballast tends to tip in the wrong direction, typically when someone secretly has their finger on the scale.

Once it gets to this point, everything can fall out of place and all logic can be tossed right out of the window.

This is the point that you have to ask yourself, not so much where, when & how it went wrong, but more importantly, how to get the train back on the rails.

I firmly believe that the liberal Main Stream Media is fully aware that their train is off the rails… and it’s been off the rails for quite some time now.

The question is, how do they get back on track while simultaneously keeping the train moving forward?

The answer is, they can’t.

It’s no different from suffering down time in a production plant. When the machinery breaks down, you can’t keep production moving. You’ve gotta tell your customers to prepare for a delay, then you’ve gotta shut things down to make the necessary repairs.

That was the reality that the liberal Main Stream Media was faced with last month.

The Mueller report came out and proved to them that they’d not only completely derailed their train, but had also been digging themselves into a trench as they continued to push on.

They were faced with the chance to shut down their operation and reevaluate the situation, in order to get back on track.

Rather than pull the needle out of their arm and drive themselves to the nearest rehab clinic, what did they do?…

They called up their dealer and asked for something a little bit stronger… a dose just a little bit bigger.

And they stuck the same dirty old needle right back in their arm.

So, at the time that I’m writing this, I still have hope for their rehabilitation… but I’m a gambling man, and I’m willing to bet that the liberal Main Stream Media is going to continue to dip their spoon in the big community vat of the Kool-Aid flavor of the day, week, month & year.

I’ll continue to pray and be hopeful for their well being, but it’s not looking good.

With that being said,

God Bless you,

God Bless all of us.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 2nd, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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