Nancy Pelosi… Moron, Or Genius?

Whether you love “Nervous” Nancy Pelosi, or hate her, the thought may have crossed your mind as to the current state of her true mental status.

If you’re an avid Trump supporter, you probably think of her as nothing more than another looney who should be forever buckled into the straps of a straight jacket.

If you’re a bleeding heart, Never-Trumping liberal, you most likely view her as nothing short of God’s gift to the Democratic Party.

What if both accounts are accurate?

Regardless of which political side you’re on, the fact of the matter is that Nancy Pelosi most likely knows exactly what she’s doing.

Despite the strong possibility that she keeps her daily Alzheimer’s episodes at bay by popping Xanax every morning, washed down with vodka martinis, she may still possess a broad understanding of the amazing shit show that is the Washington D.C. political circus.

You may then ask, “if she’s so darned smart, why is it that she can’t seem to compose and/or speak a sentence at an ordinary elementary level?”

That’s a terrific question, and I think that the answer brings us back to the possibility of the Xanax with the martini chasers.

Of course, Xanax & martinis is nothing more than an opinionated theory. I could be completely wrong about that. It very well could be Prozac diluted with Jim Beam.

The point is, she’s on something.

No healthy and coherent human being on Earth, can stagger up to a podium at 9:00a.m. and deliver a speech the way that Nancy does, unless she’s on something.

She bumbles, she stumbles, she slurs and she blurs, every single syllable of every word of every attempted sentence, throughout any given press conference.

If you follow as closely as I, you’ve probably noticed that her struggles in “speech-ability” have progressively gotten worse in the past few months.

You may then ask, “what events have transpired over the past few months that could possibly affect Nancy’s well being?”

Most people know full well that when you’re at war with an opponent, and said adversary is completely kicking your ass on a daily basis, it can take a toll on you physically and most of all, mentally.

So, what does Nervous Nancy have to be nervous about?

Well, in a nutshell… Trump is on fire! And I mean… Everything, Trump!!!

The Trump economy is booming.

The Trump unemployment rate is at an all time low.

The Trump GDP growth is at a shocking rate of 3.2 percent for a single first quarter.

The Trump jobs are coming back to America.

The Trump approval rate is continuing to rise.

The Trump immigration policy is being pressed.

The Trump Wall is being built.

The 448 page Nothing Burger known as The Mueller Report, still has nothing.

The Trump Russia Collusion Delusion is deader than dead.

The Obama/Clinton Treason Scandal is beginning to be revealed to the world.

I could go on and on and on…

Not to mention that the leaders of the world’s superpowers, after eight straight years of the obama grand apology world tour, are quickly realizing that the most powerful country in the world has a new sheriff in town.

With all of that being said, let’s get back to the intelligence level of Nancy Pelosi.

Is she certifiably crazy, or does she know exactly what she’s doing as she carries out her master plan to conquer President Donald J. Trump?

For me, I believe that the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

I firmly believe that she is in fact medicating herself in an effort to survive this difficult presidency for any liberal.

Most people can gather the fact that the politics of Washington D.C. are nothing to be taken lightly.

The real question is, drunk, stoned, or sober, does Nancy Pelosi know what she’s doing?

My opinion is, yes she does.

She knows that she and her base hate Trump.

She feels that she and her base need to get Trump out of office.

The problem for her is that her base wants to impeach Trump.

Nancy’s liberal base wants her to march straight up the Capitol steps, put President Trump and his entire cabinet in handcuffs, and haul them off to the nearest prison.

The only true difficulty of that ridiculous ordeal, is that Nancy knows that she has no clear path to impeach the President.

She’s already attempted every strategy under the sun.

Now, the liberal mob wants her to use The Congressional chambers to remove Trump from office.

So, why is Nancy dragging her feet on the whole impeachment idea?

Because Nancy knows that the impeachment proceedings will die a painful death in the United States Senate.

Nancy knows how to play hardball in D.C.

And she’s smart enough to know that she doesn’t have the star players required to win the big game.

Nancy knows that she can temporarily please her liberal mob by going for impeachment, but how long will their pleasure last?

What will happen if she spends the next year pushing for Congressional impeachment, only to have it squashed in the Senate just in time for the 2020 election?

Trump will win in 2020 in what will be the mother of all landslides in the history of the political world.

And Nancy Pelosi knows that full well.

The closing argument is this…

Will Nancy lead with her experience in the true politics of Washington?

Or will she move to please her liberal mob and send them all to political extermination in 2020?

We will all know soon enough.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy.

June 8th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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