Have The Democrats Put Their Party Into A Self Inflicted “Checkmate”?

Have you ever, at the spur of the moment, decided to change a rule or rules in order to benefit yourself or an ally?

It could be something as simple as changing the rules in a game of Monopoly in order to avoid paying rent, just as you’ve landed on your opponents Boardwalk property with three hotels.

You make a deal with you’re opponents… “From now on, no one can be forced to pay any debt over $1,000, nor cash in on any profit of that value, unless you’ve just rolled doubles.”

Great new rule, right?!

You just saved yourself thousands in cash, and managed to keep yourself alive in the game in the process!

Or it may be something a bit more complex. Like letting your child skip their bath on a particular night, because you had an extremely enduring day, and you just didn’t feel like dealing with it that night.

“It’s okay.”, you say to your child, “you didn’t get that dirty today, so you can just take a bath tomorrow.”

What could possibly go wrong with that?

The next thing you know, your kid is on day number three without a bath, because they don’t feel like taking one, and they claim that it’s fine because they’ve been staying nice and clean all week.

Total backfire.

Similar trouble can occur with the Monopoly analogy.

You’ve convinced all of the players to accept and honor your new rule. It’s immediately paid off and you avoided going bankrupt.

Later in the game, after several more trips around the avenues, the free parking spot in the center of the board is now flooded with piles of cash.

You’ve been eyeing and drooling over the overfunded treasure trove of multi colored Monopoly bills and now it’s finally your turn to roll again.

You’re only three spaces away from the king of all cash in spots. You shake the dice, you close your eyes, you toss them down…


You rolled a THREE!!!

You begin jumping for joy!

You’ve just hit the jackpot!!!

Oh, wait…

You didn’t land on the spot by rolling doubles, and there’s way more than $1,000 in the pot.

Utter failure.

You just got bitten in the ass by your own ruling… and your own rolling.

You’re stuck on Free Parking, you didn’t earn a penny, you hand the dice to your opponent, they roll double sixes…

And they stroll their token right up beside yours, and steal the jackpot.

Complete dose of karma payback.

Why the long drawn out analogies?

Because one can just as easily fall prey to such a scenario in the political arena.

As a matter of fact, it’s easy enough to say with confidence that rule changes for suitability purposes have been playing out on both sides of our political aisle since the very beginning.

For example, our founding fathers kicked off the birth of our country with a list of ten primary “starter rules”, otherwise known as The Bill Of Rights.

As our country grew, new generations of leaders eventually added new rules of law as they became needed. These new rules of law became what are now known to be The Amendments To The Constitution.

At the current age and state of our country, our original list of ten primary rules has now grown to twenty seven amendments.

Over the course of time, many of these rules have gone undisturbed, while others have been modified or outright changed.

For example, the prohibition of alcohol under the Eighteenth Amendment, was ultimately proven to be a complete failure. Therefore, it was later reversed under the Twenty-First Amendment, as the reinstatement of legal alcoholic consumption.

That’s how laws of a country can successfully function with a system such as ours.

Furthermore, if our country continues to grow on a stable and noble path, chances are pretty good that we will eventually write new amendments to our Constitution as they become imperative to our well being.

The only question is, have these historical rule changes always been for purposes to suit the well being of We The People in what has been deemed best for the good of the country?…

Or have a few occasional rule changes been slipped in under the radar to suit the needs of those who are making the changes.

That in itself is a very delicate question, and the answers can be quite troubling.

For the past few years, most notably since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, you may have noticed that The Democratic Party have been trying to push some arguably unorthodox rules, or in many cases, stretching or even breaking of rules, to suit their own political needs.

Care for a few examples?…

Oh, where do I begin…

Sanctuary Cities

Illegal Immigration

Open Borders

Ineligible Voting

Improper Chain Of Command

ICE Versus Local Law Enforcement

Classified Leaking To Media

And the list could go on and on…

Coincidentally, what could the motives be for the Democrats to push at least half or possibly more of the above mentioned examples?

Well, it’s widely speculated by many, and I happen to agree, that most of these motives are feeding the overall expectation that they will increase their voter base in future elections. Particularly those motives that involve immigration into the United States.

After all, everybody knows that anyone and everyone who comes to this country will obviously vote Democrat, right?

I mean… that’s why they’re all flooding in here… because our system is so terrible and horrifying, right?…

The famous chant of the liberal mob says it all…

“No borders… No wall… No U.S.A. at all!!!”

So, the question is this…

If a government official decides that they want to stretch, change, ignore or break a rule to suit their needs, is there a possibility of that rule change coming back to bite them in the ass in the future?

Well… does Hillary Clinton own an ugly pant suit?…

The answer to both is one of the same…

Hell Yes.

Let’s delve deeper into some of the more subtle rule discrepancies of today.

A few of the “unwritten rules” as one might put it.

For example, the race for the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Have you seen the list of idiots running?

A mile long line of bumbling morons.

A whole gaggle of jerks.

An entire field of political assclowns.

But you and I both know that I’m just another far right biased deplorable.

So let’s try to look at this from a more productive standpoint.

Why isn’t Joe Biden the lead front runner to be the presumptive nominee?

He has more experience in Washington D.C. politics than all twenty two or twenty three other runners combined.

Hell, he’s had a foothold in the United States political arena since George Washington laid the first brick of the old wine cellar at Mount Vernon.

Or Bernie Sanders for that matter.

He may be a crazy, one percenter elite socialist, but he’s got a fan base…

Or at least, he had a fan base.

So, what happened to these once regarded top prospects to take down Trump?

I’ll tell you what happened…

They both got bitten in their asses by the twisted unwritten rules of their own party.

White men are bad.

Worse… white straight men are very bad.

Even worse yet, old white straight men are very, very bad.

What do Creepy Joe and Crazy Bernie have in common?…

You nailed it!…

They’re both old white straight men.

A commodity that has no place these days on the democratic stage.

So, think about it like this…

The liberal mob hates Trump.

Orange Man Bad!!!

The same liberal mob is desperately trying to muster up a candidate who can take down Trump.

Said liberal mob props two old white men up on their stage to take down Trump.

Said liberal mob decides that the only thing that’s as bad as Trump is old white men.

Said liberal mob outlaws old white men.

Said liberal mob boos old white men off the same stage of which they just propped up said old white men.

Call it what you will…

Shooting yourself in the foot.

Kicking your own ass to the curb.

I prefer to call it “Putting yourself into a position of self inflicted Checkmate”.

There’s only so much twisting and manipulating that you can do to a rule or law before you inevitably become faced with repercussions of consequence with such manipulation.

My advice to The Democratic Party is this…

Put less focus on breaking the rules, and put more effort in playing by the rules, and you very well may surprise yourself.

Hell, you might even impress us all.

But we all predict on pretty good authority and of even better confidence, that you’re going to continue digging your grave deeper and deeper until you drive your party straight into extinction.

God Bless You.

God Bless Us All.

God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 9th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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