My 2015 Trump Prediction And My Wild Ride To 2016

For anyone who’s followed me on social media over the past few years, you’re probably already aware of my prediction that I posted online on June 16th, 2015.

The day that Donald J. Trump and his wife Melania descended the golden escalator, nearly an entire year and a half before the 2016 election…

I stated the following on a post on FB…

And I quote myself…

“I don’t care how many political assclowns run in this presidential election… it’s going to come down to two people… Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…

And Trump is going to be our next President.”

As I was immediately laughed down in severe ridicule, I went on to explain why I was willing to make such a bold and seemingly ridiculous prediction.

“Because I, and millions of hard working Americans just like myself, have lost such faith in the corrupt governmental system, that our only possible savior would be either a complete collapse and restart, or a civilian, not politician, to stand up for our interests as We The People.”

“If such a person ever was to stand for us in such a way, it would be absolutely imperative that they possess the demeanor to throw political correctness out the window and strictly speak their mind the same way that you or I would, if we were casually talking to a friend or coworker.”

That demeanor… that unedited spoken mind… that say it like you mean it and tell it like you see it attitude, is precisely what I saw strolling down that escalator on that summer day in Manhattan.

And that’s why… at that very first moment, with zero hesitation… I testified to the world…

That Donald J. Trump was the person that I’d been praying for.

The seemingly one and only American civilian, with enough cash and enough brass, who was willing to lay it all on the line to take back our country.

A person willing to go all in…

To push every chip to the center of the table in the big game to reclaim America.

Fast forward to June 2016.

Bangor Maine Trump Rally.

My own personal shot to see the big, bad, orange man himself, doing what he does best… uniting the true Americans of our great land.

And that’s exactly what he did.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

4 o’clock pm, Wednesday, June 29th, 2016… Less than 48 hours after the public announcement of the rally.

I found myself in the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine, crammed like a sardine along with thousands of fellow Trump supporters.

Hundreds more crowded the steps and lined the streets in an enthusiastic attempt to witness the awakening firsthand.

Children, women & men of all races, skin colors, nationalities, religions & creeds, all stood in unison, enthusiastically playing their role in what would ultimately become the survival fight of their lives to save The United States Of America from the corrupt Clinton machine.

As I stated then, and as I testify now, no words in any human language can describe the energy at a Trump Rally.

The only words that can possibly come close, though grossly inadequate, are Unified American Revolution.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend a Trump Rally, then you know precisely what I’m talking about.

If you haven’t, then you can only do your best to imagine.

If you’re a bleeding heart liberal, close this tab and go find a cookie, because you’ll never reach such comprehension.

Every set of eyes & ears in the arena were glued on Trump’s every word…

His every glance…

Every smile…

Every breath.

We were thousands of strangers, bound together by one unifying Force…

The will to help Trump, help us, regain control of what was once the greatest and most powerful country on the face of the Earth… The United States Of America.

Every soul left the arena that day with the same indescribable feeling.

As soon as I stepped outside, I called my father to try to put my experience to words.

I said, “Dad, I just left the rally… I wish you could’ve been there… no words can describe the energy.”

My father, a lifelong conservative, replied, “Ryan, I admire your spirit, but Hillary has this election bought and paid for. She’s unstoppable. It’s David & Goliath.”

Before getting off the phone, I replied, “The silent majority is uniting… There’s an American Revolution underway.”

You couldn’t hear it.

Hell, you couldn’t really see it.

You had to be in a place where you could feel it.

November 8th, 2016…

Election Night.

I was nervous.

As just another sweaty Walmart shopping Deplorable, I should probably say, I was “as nervous as a one eyed cat watching two rat holes.”

With the exception that the only rat hole in sight was the liberal filled box with the symbolic glass ceiling in New York City.

I knew that the Fake News Main Stream Media was all in for Clinton, and the polls were complete dog crap, but I was intelligent enough to face the reality that it was in fact a David versus Goliath scenario just like my father had contested.

Hell, the previous month of polling had shown that Trump had absolutely no path to 270 votes in the electoral college.

No possible way in hell to break through Hillary’s big, beautiful blue wall.

No Sir, the only breaking to be had that night would be Queen Madame Hillary triumphantly crashing through her glass ceiling, all the way to the stars above!

But I knew that the silent majority was out there…

I knew that I was one of many…

I knew that the phony polling didn’t acknowledge a single solitary one of us.

And I knew that we were holding our silence for one thing and one thing only…

The American Voting Booth.

The rest is all history.

Thank God that President Trump didn’t lose the election.

It’s frightening to think of the toll it could have taken on our country if he had refused to accept the results of the election if Hillary had won.

Come to think of it…

How did she put it?…

It would have been “Horrifying.”

God Bless You.

God Bless Us.

God Bless America.

God Bless The World.

God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 8th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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