The Hillary Clinton Legacy. Where Will “It”… Stand…?

Much apologies, but I can’t start this piece with the typical “love her or hate her” line.

If you truly love Hillary Clinton, I sincerely expect that you’re a 39 year old native of Little Rock, who’s name happens to be Chelsea.

If that description doesn’t match what you saw in your mirror this morning, then it’s probably too late for you.

Because you’ve got some serious issues.

I literally sat at my screen for a moment, racking my brain to come up with two references… just two people!… on the face of the Earth who have genuine and legitimately definitive reason to truly love The Grand High Queen Of The Clinton’s.

Maybe you’re a person who’s world was changed, solely due to Hillary’s generous givings from her multi billion dollar donor fund, known as The Clinton Foundation.

Maybe you’re a proud member of the armed services of the world, who’s life was saved from international terror, as a result of the heroic bravery of Hillary Clinton while she astutely protected you as Secretary Of State for The United States.

Maybe she spared you a life of misery and despair, rescuing you from the evil foothold of angry white men of rule, whilst she honorably protected your human interests as First Lady of the United States.

Or maybe you just feel… something, for her.

I mean… after all…

It was, Her Turn… to become President.

Or was it?

Let me ask you this…

Where in the hell does Hillary Clinton get off thinking that she was rightly owed the Presidency of the United States of America?

Because her sketchy husband managed to successfully slither his way into The Oval Office?

I mean, after all, the atrocious infidelity of her bound partner for life, should in itself have warranted her induction into the big seat… right?…

Ummm… I’m sorry, but we’ve all been lied to, cheated on, and stolen from.

Trust us, Madame Hillary… we’ve all got our own sob stories for ya, honey.

I think of all of the times I cried up to the sky, “Why, God, is this happening to me?!”

But never once did I expect to be owed something in exchange for my suffering.

It’s hard to say the same for the old would be queen of the hill.

No Sir… If you want something in this life, you’ve gotta fight for it and you’ve gotta earn it.


So again, what has Hillary Clinton done, for you… to earn your vote as an American citizen, to simply hand her the master key to the gates of The White House?


What is your reason for cherishing this person?

In your eyes, what is her legacy?

For myself and for many others, her legacy will inevitably be this…

An individual who’s driving force for success, throughout her entire life & career, has been an extreme animosity toward generations upon generations of successes of people of the opposite sex.

That’s right… I said it… She Hates Men…

Bottom line.

Hillary Clinton laid the foundation of her life on the basis of extreme jealousy and profound hatred of men in high places.

I could spend all day offering references of proof of that statement.

Then, when she and old slick Willy, sunk their claws into The White House in the 1990’s, her jealousy & hatred only grew.

I’m sure it didn’t help that she endured public embarrassment on a world scale during her husband’s squeaky clean run as commander in chief.

But the fact that good ole Billy Bob Clinton had all of his fingers and all of his toes in every piece of pie in D.C., wasn’t your problem and it sure as hell wasn’t mine.

So, where did that leave her and her world class legacy?

It left her right back at square one, in her fight for absolute domination.

She didn’t want to become the first female President of the United States.

She wanted to become the one and only Queen Of America…

And she was willing to do anything to get it.

So, what does a person do when they want more power than they can afford?

They raise money… and they raise lot’s of it.

I proudly and prestigiously present to you…

“The Clinton Foundation”…

and it will ultimately become the true legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If I were the devil, I’d honestly say that she did play her cards right… at least for awhile… specifically all the way up to June 16th, 2016… but that’s another story.

She really did create the ultimate evil empire.

Think about it… Though she hadn’t yet reached her ultimate goal, she’d never lost control of the spotlight.

She’d continued to climb her way up the D.C. ladder, and she’d successfully made bold moves to seemingly cement her future spots on higher rungs of said ladder.

So, where did she go wrong?

Though it would inevitably be We The People under our revolutionary leadership of Donald J. Trump, that would take her down, her path to failure actually went back decades earlier…

At least as far back as the day of the creation of The Clinton Foundation.

That’s right… the day that she decided to give birth to her own little satanic cult.

Pay for play amongst powerful elites, masked by the paper thin false cover of a charitable organization.

Total greed and utter corruption at its absolute finest.

And she didn’t stop.

With each progressing week, month & year, her donors got bigger, her donor base got broader, and her power became stronger than anyone could have imagined.

The tentacles of her massive foundation, soon had firm grasps on pretty much every stretch of soil on the planet.

She’d become an all powerful monster…

and she’d made her deal with the devil himself…

by signing over her soul in exchange for the promise that she would finally become The President of the United States of America.

All she had left to do was wait impatiently for good ole Barry Hussein to solidify his fundamental transformation of America into an ISIS State, and then the grand stage would be all for her to tear down the house and renovate it into the ghetto of her wildest dreams.

Though the revelations of truth to come out in the coming years will open vast understanding and perception of the staggering levels of greed & corruption composed by Hillary Clinton and her posse of demons, it will all be summed up to precisely that… Greed & Corruption.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, will ultimately become the one and only true Legacy Of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 9th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

One thought on “The Hillary Clinton Legacy. Where Will “It”… Stand…?

  1. Great post; also – “If you truly love Hillary Clinton, I sincerely expect that you’re a 39 year old native of Little Rock, who’s name happens to be Chelsea.” Damn! 39? As if I wasn’t quite aware of how OLD I am…


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