Immigration, Part One… “The Backbone Of America”

What is the one aspect of America that sets it apart from any other country on Earth?

You might be quick to jump to something along the lines of freedom.

Although most American citizens are arguably more free than those of other parts of the world, I assure you, none of us are free.

So, what really does set America apart from other nations of the world?

That’s right… Immigration.

America was founded on immigration.

America has survived on immigration.

America continues to strive on immigration.

America could potentially rule the world on immigration…

Or, maybe… we already do.

No matter how you choose to view it, immigration is the key to everything.

Immigration is America… Period.

In the beginning, America was native.

Then, America became European, or rather Europe became American.

Over centuries to follow, people from opposite sides of every ocean came to America in hopes of settling the land and staking it as home.

Immigration in the form of slavery also played an enormous role in the development of America.

Take a moment to imagine what America would be, right now, if European travelers had never taken any slaves with them on their journeys?

I can tell you, America wouldn’t have nearly as many prominent, successful, African American citizens to help make our country what it is today.

So, was African slave immigration a bad thing?

If the American Civil War had never played out, and slavery had never been abolished, then yes, maybe the slave trade would have been as bad as many have imagined.

But, we realized that we’d made mistakes and we took measures to correct those mistakes for the good of the world.

I then ask, what became of the descendants of slavery into America?

They became Americans of today.

How about Chinese immigration into America in the nineteenth century?

America was beginning to strive. We were building railroads to reach the interior of our land, from sea to sea.

We needed workers to help us build these vital components of our growing nation, therefore building said national centerpieces with the aid of immigration.

What became of those Chinese immigrants?

They became Americans of today.

We could sit here all day, debating on who came to America when, from where, with whom, for which reasons.

There’s one vital comparison to the overall big picture…

The fact that we all ended up in America.


Without getting too sidetracked, ponder this for a moment…

Visualize a board of directors for AnyCompany, USA.

That board of directors is most likely comprised of a mixture of men & women of multiple races, nationalities, religions & creeds.

Now, pick another country in the world…

Any country…

And visualize what that board of directors may look like.

I’ll pick one out of a hat… Japan.

You’re a fly on the wall at a directors meeting in the headquarters of a multi billion dollar Japanese company.

Who is sitting around that table?

Chances are pretty good that most of them, if not all of them, are going to be of Japanese decent.

Not very diverse, you might say?…

But in America today, if the board of directors of AnyCompany, USA, was comprised of nothing but a dozen old white guys, we’d have some serious political blowback.

American companies got shut down decades ago on such political incorrectness.

So, why is America held to such a different standard of diversity on the world stage?

Because of immigration.

The United States Of America is the most diverse country on Earth when it comes to immigration.

Yet, liberals in America continue to scream that America isn’t diverse enough.

To that ridiculous thought, I say…

Pack your bags of political diversity, and move to another country.

Stay there for six months, then write to me about your feelings on immigration tolerance and racial diversity in America.

You’ll be begging to come back.

With that being said, where does the future lie on immigration into America?

Can America accept every hopeful migrant into our borders?

Do we have enough room for every hopeful migrant?

Can we afford to support every hopeful migrant in the world?

It’s quite obvious to any intelligent person that there has to be a limit at some point.

When a business is born, say a restaurant for example, the owner wants to attract consumers to their restaurant.

Those hopeful consumers are what will ultimately make or break the success of that restaurant.

They are the lifeblood of that restaurant.

They are the immigrants to that restaurant.

But, what happens when that restaurant becomes so successful and so popular, that it exceeds its limit?

There are two choices…

Either establish a cut off point and refuse any new consumers, or expand and build a bigger restaurant or another restaurant.

This is absolutely no different when it comes to immigration into America.

Sooner or later, if our country continues to remain popular, we’re either going to be forced to cut off immigration, or we’re going to have to make our country bigger.

I’m a realistic kind of guy.

I don’t see us stopping immigration into The United States.

It’s difficult enough to even attempt to slow down illegal immigration, much less stop legal immigration.

Neither do I see America losing its popularity anytime soon.

So, where will that leave us?

Eventually, it will become so crowded in this country, that the borders will bust at the seams whether we want it to, or not.

And I’ve got news for you, the seam busting won’t be limited to the southern border of the U.S..

It’s going to affect the northern border with Canada as well.

The bottom line reality of all, is that if the American Dream is going to continue to grow, then the American landscape is going to continue to grow with it.

What happens when a border tree grows too big?… “It’s roots stretch right into the neighbor’s back yard, as they see fit.

On that note, maybe it’s quite fitting that two of our worldly continents bear the name of America…

Because if this popular worldly dream continues to grow at its current rate or more, then the continents of America will ultimately become the real estate required to house every man, woman & child who is, or who wishes to become… a dreamer.

This article to be followed with: Immigration, Part Two… “It’s Effect On Deep Rooted Americans.”

God Bless You.

God Bless Us All.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 15th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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