Watergate & Obamagate… “Oh The Similarities.”

The more I brush up on Watergate, and the more that’s revealed about Obamagate, the more fascinating they become in regard to the uncanny parallels with one another.

Watergate involved the use of technological surveillance in order to spy on political opponents.

Obamagate involves the very same spying for the very same reasons.

The only real differences with this modern day Scandal is both the magnitude of the spying as well as the expanded reach of it.

Not to mention that the technology of today far exceeds that of a late 1960’s era surveillance bug, planted in a flower pot on a coffee table at the DNC Headquarters.

Throughout Watergate, The Nixon Administration was spying, not only to gain an edge, but also to defeat their Democrat opponents.

Throughout this scandal, it’s been The Obama Administration spying on everyone in order to gain an advantage on anyone.

With Obamagate, it didn’t matter if you were a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian, a third cousin twice removed from a secretary of a State official, or a guy sitting on your couch after work…

You were fair game to be spied on.

Another parallel is the agency involvement.

With Watergate, the suspect involvement fanned throughout the majorities of personnel for all of the major governmental investigatory and intelligence agencies in the United States.

With Obamagate, all of the same agencies are involved, only the suspect involvement spreads much farther beyond the borders of America.

Of course, the precise scope of the involvement in this latest scandal still has much to be revealed, but we’re now confident that it stretches at least as far as the opposite shores of the Atlantic Ocean and most likely the Pacific as well.

We now believe that Europe was in cahoots with The Obama Administration, at the very least with the involvement by the Italian government.

We’re also quite confident that Russia played some sort of role, at minimum with the involvement of computer hacking operations.

Even with only these tiny pieces of the puzzle revealed thus far, this modern day Scandal absolutely dwarfs anything that Watergate could have ever dreamed to become.

It’s really quite staggering.

And to think that Devin Nunes tried to give us a heads up a couple of months ago as to the explosive, mind blowing magnitude of all of this.

He was right.

I’d be willing to bet that, as I write this in June of 2019, we’ve uncovered not even close to ten percent of the illegal activities that ensued over the course of this spying operation.

And how about the length of time involved?

During the Watergate Scandal, it was initially believed that the shady works of the Nixon Administration had begun with the five burglars during the break in.

As it later became recognized that the spying had gone well into the previous year and possibly beyond, peoples heads practically began to explode.

This time around, we’ve got all sorts of speculated dates flying around in news reports.

First, it was legal surveillance that went back to May of 2017.

Then, it was spying on The Trump Team in August of 2016.

Then, it turned into… illegal spying all the way back to 2015 or 2014.

Now, we’re hearing from sources of Sara Carter, John Solomon & others, that the illegal spying by The Obama Administration could very well go back to 2012 or even possibly much, much earlier.

Knowing the shady tactics of Barack Hussein Obama, and this is strictly speculation on my part, I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if we discovered that the illegal spying went all the way back to the beginning of his first term in 2008.

Wouldn’t be shocked at all.

Keep in mind that Obama was already a pro at political smear tactics, dating all the way back to his shady dealings with his opponents, on both sides, during his Senate races. Using his opponents’ personal instances of life, marriage, & divorce, to make them look bad, thus propelling himself to the top in the process.

Little would any of us know that Obama was simply honing his craft for a future of much greater scandalous activities.

And here we are all of these years later, in the midst of revealing to the world, the truth behind the history of Obamagate.

Yes Sir, when this entire scandal is finally revealed, it’s going to shock the world.

Watergate won’t even survive as a broad comparison.

The two scandals won’t even be in the same ballpark.

Then, to add even more icing on this monumental cake of corruption, we can’t forget to factor in the shady dealings of Hillary Clinton.

She and her “pay for play greed foundation” have their grubby fingerprints all over this corruption.

When the absolute truths of this whole thing play out, people are gonna freak.

And we wonder why the liberal mob that is The Main Stream Media are all losing their minds.

We probably would be too, if we were neck deep in the dirt of this scandal like they are.

I stand by my prediction that this scandal, once fully uncovered, will shake the Earth.

And it will be uncovered.

I bet my life on it.

The truth will come out.

The truth always comes out.

After all… “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”

As this article has only brushed the surface on the parallel similarities of Watergate & Obamagate, I assure you, there will be many revelations to follow.

Please keep your eyes and your ears open for the truth as it rises to the surface.

Until next time,

God Bless You.

God Bless Us All.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 15th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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