Father’s Day… Another “Endangered” Holiday?

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to every man in the world who loves their children.

Father’s Day used to be a topic that would ordinarily find great difficulty making its way into a political column…

But these days are anything but ordinary.

Father’s Day used to be a holiday where you might find yourself helping mom to cook Dad’s favorite Sunday breakfast, or mowing the lawn & trimming the hedges for Dad. For the older sons & daughters, maybe it was something like buying Dad a fish finder for his boat, or at the very least, an ugly tie.

Though many of us still possess this sanity of basking in such traditions, there are many still who view the holiday in a very different light.

Yes, I’m talking about the far left liberal mob, and their targeting of yet another day of peace for others.

Not surprisingly, this hysteria has already shown its face on previous Father’s Days.

Three years ago, The Huffington Post published an article titled “Three Reasons Why Father’s Day Should Be Abolished”.

This year, the madness is only getting worse. The Chicago Tribune just released an article on Friday titled “Is Father’s Day Outdated?”.

The article went on to describe how more & more men have been complaining that Father’s Days of the past had only served to remind them of negative things.

Such examples of negativity were the fact that Father’s Day only reminded them that they had no kids of their own. Others complained that it only reminded them of their own lack of fatherly companionship, or complete absence of such a relationship.

I’m sorry, but if you’re a man who doesn’t have kids, either shut up and get over it, or go have some kids.

The above stated arguments are the equivalent of me complaining about, and wanting to abolish Veteran’s Day, because it reminds me that I’m not a Veteran.

It’s not only absurd and ridiculous, it’s all together ignorant and stupid.

Or, for the person who had a lousy father, or those who never knew their father. Same goes for you. Piss off.

Yes, it sucks that your relationship with your Dad was terrible… we all get it.

But that in no way gives you the right to take the rest of us down with you.

It’s selfish and it’s childish.

Grow the hell up.

Moving on…

Yesterday, I read another ridiculous article. It was titled “What Does Father’s Day Tell Us About Toxic Masculinity?”

It was just another far left opinionated piece of garbage, written by a stereotypical man hating liberal. I’ll spare you the nauseating details of the pathetic blog post.

The absurdity of the liberal mob’s fight to defeat Father’s Day isn’t even remotely limited to articles in the far left media.

Stores and shopping outlets are now merchandising for the push to transform the holiday to suit their crooked desires.

Take a look at this… The Father’s Day “Gift Of The Year” according to the crazy left.

Father’s Day “Gift Of 2019”

Let me tell you something…

I Love Flowers!

My wife, children & I absolutely love everything that there is to love about flowers.

The beauty of them, the aromatics, the fragility of their life.

In the past, we’ve grown some amazing flower gardens.

Lilacs, Lillies, Tulips, Hyacinths, Roses, I love them all.

Every summer, we go on wildflower picking adventures on the back roads, fields & woods of Maine.

It’s amazing.

But that doesn’t mean that I want an old Ford model pickup with a bouquet of flowers attached to it for Father’s Day.

I find it interesting that these idiots who come up with these ideas, are doing it to reach an ultimate goal of diversity and political correctness.

Only, ironically, they screw it all up in the end.

They add a bouquet of flowers to the gift to show diversity and shy away from toxic masculinity…

But they put the bouquet of flowers in a model truck that is itself a classic symbol of toxic masculinity!

I’m telling ya… these poor liberals…

They try to put their foot down, only to end up kicking themself right in the ass.

It’s like watching a clown show without the circus music or the popcorn.

What makes even less sense, is the fact that the very same liberals who want to abolish Father’s Day for traditional fathers, are simultaneously pushing Father’s Day pride for homosexual fathers.

Here’s a couple of examples…

So, which is it?

Is Father’s Day supposed to be abolished for me and every other straight father in the world, but embraced for every gay dad on the planet?

Or do they want to abolish the holiday all together?

The far left liberal mob needs to make up their mind on which ridiculous agenda they wish to push.

Because they’re confusing the hell out of me.

And more importantly, they’re confusing the hell out of our children.

I’ve got an idea…

Why don’t we just leave holidays alone.

If there’s a new holiday that you wish to acknowledge, that’s fine.

Have an “I Identify As A Transgender Circus Monkey Day” for all I care…

But leave the existing traditional holidays alone.

They are off limits to your insanity.

So much talk these days of toxic masculinity destroying society.

The crazy far left ideas of the liberal mob are the only toxicities that are destroying society.

On that note, please continue to keep your sanity during these insane times, in which we all live.

I assure you, there is still a majority of sane people in the world to counterbalance the absurdity of the far left.

I wish you all a wonderful Father’s Day.

Remember, without all of you, none of us would be here.

Two gay dads did not create you under God.

Neither did two lesbian moms bring you into this world.

Your conception was created by the union of a man and a woman under the watchful eye of God.


Happy Father’s Day To You All.

God Bless You.

God Bless Us All.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 16th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day… Another “Endangered” Holiday?

  1. Love this post. Well said! I wont’ give a bunch of flowers over a pickup truck. However, red rose is associated with Father’s Day and not for Mother’s Day and so I offer a bunch of “Let Freedom Ring” roses for all fathers out there but not on a pickup truck. Happy Father’s Day!


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