Global Warming? Or Ice Age… That Is The Question.

For me, it’s not even a question. It’s more than obvious.

If you ask anyone else living in Maine, or any other geographical location lying more than a few hundred miles North of the equator, you’ll get the same obvious answer…

We’re trending toward another ice age.


As I write this on June 22nd, we’ve just crested our longest day-lighted day of the year.

With the longest day, comes the official kick off of summer.

Warm weather events of every type…

Running, biking, swimming & playing.

Fishing, hiking, camping & the likes.

So, why am I tip toeing across an icy, frozen floor every morning, to blast some much needed heat from my oil furnace?

As I just turned 40, this is the beginning of my 41st summer.

I remember many years of random summertime cold fronts, sweeping across the eastern seaboard from the Atlantic.

I also remember many random, rainy, dreary summer days, when we would have to snuggle in a blanket for a moment, just to warm up at the start of the day.

In some cases, we would in fact have to kick on the heat for a few minutes, just to take the chill off until the sun was given its chance to take over for the remainder of the day.

But that was the extent of it.

In no way, whatsoever, do I remember freezing my butt off, every single morning, on a daily basis, all the way up to the brink of July and quite possibly beyond.

Our good old faithful buddy, Barack Hussein, his evil empress Hillary Rodham, and their posse of liberal misfits of follow, have convinced themselves that global warming is the biggest threat to human survival.

What a bunch of nonsense.

What kind of a huge, steaming pile of horse manure is that anyway?

Are they simply playing to the fools of the world?…

Or do these idiots really believe that crap?

For anyone who’s even remotely educated on the history of our celestial body that is known as The Earth, it’s common knowledge that this planet has gone through at least one ice age in its existence.

I’d be willing to go further than that and speculate that the chances are pretty good that our planet has undergone more than one of these periodic life cycles.

Many people theorize that The Earth undergoes routine weather changing cycles that could be paralleled to the analogy of the female menstrual cycle.

I, for one, happen to agree with this analogy.

Skeptics might be quick to say how ridiculous and, off the mark, that statement is.

They might say “a woman goes through her cleansing cycle once a month… the Earth doesn’t go through anything even remotely similar to that”.

To that statement, I say, The Earth is much larger than a human, and her lifespan is far longer than that of a human.

Therefore, if The Earth does in fact undergo a routine cleansing cycle, chances are pretty good that her cycle will take place at much wider intervals of time than that of a human.

Think about the length of time that human beings have roamed The Earth.

Now compare, or rather, contrast that length of time with the age of The Earth.

Our existence doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface in comparison.

We’re nothing more than a pesky little pimple on one of Earth’s big butt cheeks.

So, where do global warmers get the nerve to try to convince the rest of us that Earth doesn’t go through any routine cycles or changes throughout the course of her life?

Let’s attempt to break this argument down with some simple mathematics, shall we?

From the average age of puberty, to the average age of menopause, let’s assume that it’s safe to say that the average human female undergoes six hundred cleansing cycles throughout the course of their life.

Now, compare that to The Earth.

Although we may never know the precise age of The Earth, many believe it to be over four and a half billion years old.

For our interests in this case, let’s play it safe and round that number way down to four billion years.

If The Earth does in fact go through a routine cleansing cycle, and if that cycle was even remotely in the same ballpark as that of the human cleansing cycle, then The Earth would go through her cycle…

Once in every six and a half million years.

And that’s a very favorable figure of minimality.

It would, more realistically, be more like once in every seven or eight million years.

Now, let’s favor the argument of the global warmers even more, and cut that number down drastically.

Rather than going through her life cycle every six to eight million years, let’s say that it only happens once every million years.

Would we know about it?

If The Earth did in fact undergo a cleansing cycle once in every million years, how would we know anything about it other than scientific evidence?

We wouldn’t. Period.

Scientific evidence is all that we have to go on. The rest is all left to speculation, theory & Faith.

The real question is, if The Earth is in fact headed in the direction of its next cleansing cycle, which form will it take?

Will it be hot or will it be cold?

Will it be wet or will it be dry?

As I sit in front of my heater on a sunny day in late June, I tend to believe that the change, if any, will come in the form of cold rather than hot, and wet rather than dry.

So, for all of the crazy liberal global warming fear mongers out there, you might want to trust your senses on this subject, rather than listen to the Main Stream political hype on the matter.

What are your thoughts?

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 22nd, 2019.

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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