Biblical Prophecies

If God is real, and the final prophecies of The Holy Bible are true, which I strongly believe them to be, then how could such Prophecies have been written so long ago?

For myself, I believe that it was simple.

A no brainer for the gods.

As with all of my writings, I’ll be happy to explain my theory on this.

Before delving too deep, I must testify that I’ve never once, in my forty years of life on Earth, doubted the existence of God.

For me, just looking up at the vastness of the starry night sky, or watching a tree branch bud & bloom like clockwork every spring, is more than enough to convince me of a presence of a higher celestial power.

On the other hand, I’m also extremely fascinated with the Earthly mysteries of the world, such as the diversity of cultures & religions.

Where, when, why, how, and from whom did our cultures and religions originate?

Then, you have such mysteries as the ever increasing evidence of extra terrestrial life, dancing in the midst of our own lives.

I personally believe that there are countless worlds out there.

I absolutely refuse to believe that we could possibly be the only planet in the universe, with intelligent life, as we float in an ocean of space amongst billions of stars, in our galaxy alone.

Not to mention that our galaxy is merely one amongst what is believed to be how many others in the vastness of space?

Most likely billions.

That suggests that even if there was only one out of the billions of stars in each galaxy, with only one planet with intelligent life, then there would still be, a minimum of, billions of life blossoming celestial bodies out there.

If this is the case, it’s easy enough for me to believe that the human race is not the first race in the history of the universe to start and complete an evolutionary cycle.

I’m quite confident that it’s been done before.

And I’m equally confident that there are more advanced and further evolved races that still exist, or at the very least, have existed in the universe.

So, if other evolutions of life have in fact taken place at other times in other places, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that something had been learned in the process?

Wouldn’t, at the very least, there have been some tiny shred of knowledge gained from such previous evolutions of life?

I personally believe that evolutionary life cycles of countless species and races have been undergone in the universe for countless millennia.

And with these countless species evolutions over countless millennia, I believe that knowledge & understanding of the universe was gained with each and every one.

Now, let us incorporate these thoughts into the subject of biblical prophecies.

Take any skeptic…

Whether they be a completely non believing Atheist, or a believer of a faith other than Christianity, one might be quick to ask, “How could one prognosticate, at the genesis of a given species’ evolutionary cycle, precisely what’s going to happen to said species at the end of said evolutionary cycle?”

For me, it’s just as simple to comprehend as the understanding of more common cycles that are found in every day life on Earth.

Take human life itself, for example.

How would you react if I stated the following?…

You are young and alive. If you continue to live, you are going to grow. Eventually, you will grow old, and eventually you will die.

That is my prophesy for your life.

How could I be so bold as to make such a wild prophesy?

What gives me the right to predict what’s going to happen to you in your future?

Because history has proven such knowledge.

If you were the first example of life for the very first time in the existence of the universe, then maybe it wouldn’t be as easy to predict such things.

But you’re not the first, and neither am I.

Other people have lived and died.

Their lives and deaths have given us a prophesy of what to expect of our own life and death.

For me, it’s no different from biblical prophesy.

I believe that our species has one creator.

One God.

I believe that every species has the same… one creator, one God.

I believe that we are not the first species to be created in the universe.

Therefore, our creator… “our God”, was not the first creator in the history of the universe…

Or, if our God was the first creator, at the very least, we were not our God’s first creation.

Therefore, our God had, and has, great understanding of how our evolutionary cycle will grow, and how it will end.

I refuse to believe that we are nothing more than the product of some random crap shoot creation that God accidentally stumbled across, with no preparatory inception.

I believe that we are all part of a well thought out master plan, in God’s big beautiful blueprint of human life.

I believe that God knows exactly how our species will turn out and precisely what our role will be in the fate of the universe.

I believe that our evolutionary existence under our God will be a bold and exciting chapter in what will inevitably be the great story of life.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 23rd, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

2 thoughts on “Biblical Prophecies

  1. You Stated — “then how could such Prophecies have been written so long ago”

    My Response — It seems to me that writing is the easy part, you just need a writer. How would one know the future and how could you protect the message for a time until the future arrives is what I find impressive.

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