The 2020 Democratic Clown Contest

I really don’t know where to begin.




There are at least two thousand and twenty words in the English language that could accurately and sufficiently describe this spectacle that is currently unfolding before the eyes of the world.

This spectacle that is known as The Democratic Race For The 2020 White House.

Where did they get these people?

Did George Soros & Hillary Clinton put an ad in the classified section of The Failing New York Times or The Washington Compost?

I can see it now…

Are you tired of Bad Orange Man destroying your life?

Would you like to earn $400,000 per year, without ever leaving The White House?

Must be able to desperately & awkwardly pander to minorities in their own language.

At least two political terms of American Flag Stomping is preferred, but can be trained upon employment.

The more that I look at the nearly two dozen Democratic hopefuls for 2020, the more thankful I become that I never have, nor ever will entertain the possibility of becoming a liberal.

Oh Lord, how much it must suck to be a Democrat these days.

Is this what it’s like to be a Cubs fan?

Do you remember all of the phony polling data that led up to the 2016 election?

“Donald J. Trump has no clear path to 270 votes in the electoral college.”

Well, here’s some polling data that comes directly from me…

If the Dems continue this substance free charade to take down President Trump, rather than invoke policy that really matters to We The People, they’ll only further solidify his base and secure his seat for his second term.

No path to 270… laugh my ass off…

The Dems don’t even have a path to survive to the year 2020, let alone challenge Trump.

It’s even sadder to look at their so called front runners.

Though every candidate seems to impose the necessary idiot factor that’s required for the Democratic nomination, I only see four of which, who seem to have what it takes to stand out under the spotlight of the big circus tent.

I consider these four assclowns to be none other than Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren & Kamala Harris.

“Creepy Joe” is running his campaign on the fact that he was Barry Hussein’s faithful running mate throughout eight years of the most scandal free presidency in the history of America.

Despite the fact that his past is riddled & clogged with enough dirt to seize up an industrial sized Shop Vac, he still manages to find stages to snooze on and audiences to put to sleep.

You’ve got “Crazy Bernie”, who’s apparently the grumpy & angry old poster boy for the fallacy that is a Socialist America Utopia.

He’s got fewer hopes of a comeback than a Mick Jagger impersonator at a 2019 Rolling Stone summer festival.

Then there’s “Pocahontas”… A complete phony who will say or do anything to draw attention away from the fact that she made the bones of her career by falsifying college applications to mislead administrators into thinking she’s a Native American.

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget about Kamala Harris. Oddly enough, she hasn’t yet earned her unforgettable Presidential nickname. About all she’s got going for her is the fact that she’s the perfect politically diverse candidate to resurrect the liberal party in the fact that she’s an African American and a woman.

There are arguably others…

Cory “Spartacus” Booker has managed to squeeze the toe his man sized loafer into the door.

“Mayor Pete”, who partially fits the bill in the sense that he’s a proud member of the LGBTQXYZ Community.

Unfortunately, for him, his profile also includes the fact that he’s a white male. Not exactly a good thing to be these days, in The United States Of America.

And… What about “Beta”?

Was I having a nightmare?, or was little Francis boy knighted by Time magazine, a few months ago, as the supreme prodigal son savior to the human race?

What in the hell happened?

Oh, that’s right…

The far left, main stream media liberal mob got bored with him…

“Like a kid gets bored with Snozberry flavored wallpaper on day number two of a grand tour in Willy Wonka’s epic chocolate factory.”

Yes Sir…

This Democratic Race For 2020 is very interesting indeed.

A whole bunch of losers.

So many assclowns in fact, that they can’t even be crammed onto the same stage.

What a horse race this is going to be.

Which one of them will ultimately rise as cream of the crop, only to be churned into chowder by President Trump, when the real debate stage is formed?

Which one will become the superior loser of all losers?…

“Choose your favorite Assclown”

With utmost confidence, I predict to you that the overall winner will not be anyone who’s pictured in this pathetic image above.

Rest assured, there will be only one winner.

I’m betting my hard earned dollar that the ultimate winner of this race will be one person, and one person only…

Still not tired of winning.”

President Donald J. Trump.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

June 29th, 2019.

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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