Colin Kaepernick. Privileged Racist, Against Phony Racism

Where do I begin?

How about this…

Colin Kaepernick is a moron.

And he’s a racist.

A man with a complete chip on his shoulder in regard to modern day relations between whites and blacks.

Extremely ironic, seeing how he was raised in a whiter than white family.

But there, probably in lies the root of the problem.

It sadly, most likely stems from mommy & daddy issues.

Colin Kaepernick most likely can’t stand the fact that his biological parents were probably complete losers who were never around to give him birthday cards and Christmas presents.

So, rather than take the reality of that situation at face value, and accept it for what it really was, what did Colin boy do?

He decided to take a big, hot, steaming dump all over the race that pulled him from the ashes.

That’s right, said Colin… “I’m gonna estrange & hate the lovers, then turn the other cheek to embrace & love the haters.”

Seems reasonable.

Please let me recap to ensure that I’m understanding this accurately…

Colin Kaepernick was abandoned by his biological donors and adopted by a family of whites.

Having white people jump in to fill that family void must have been the original straw that broke this quarterbacks back.

I mean, how dare these privileged white people swoop down and pull this poor little black child out of the gutter and give him a great life.

The nerve of some white people.

Fast forward to a few years ago.

This black guy, who’s received more privilege and free hand outs than you, I, and probably all of our family members combined, is pissed off at the world about white privilege.

Did I mention that this guy is a moron?

He is, or was, a professional football playing quarterback in the NFL, and a multi millionaire to boot…

Something that every childhood dreamer in the world could only hope & pray to become.

And he’s got the nerve and audacity to bitch about white privilege in the world.

The mother whiner of all whiners.

Could anyone inspire to be more of a complete jackass in life?

More importantly, I want to know when the people being affected by his apparent mental disorder, are going to put political correctness aside and stop themselves from being victim to such affect.

When are people going to wisen up and stop the bleeding?

And when I say “people”, at this moment, I’m referring to Nike.

Because right now, Nike is the wound that’s bleeding.

And Colin Kaepernick is the knife.

Take the NFL for example.

They stopped their bleeding under the knife of Colin Kaepernick.

But at what cost?

To what extent did Colin Kaepernick injure the NFL?

How much lifeblood did the NFL sacrifice before they got their act together to stop the bleeding?

How far did they let the madness continue and get completely out of hand?

Too far if you ask me.

The NFL nearly bled themselves out before they gathered up enough brass to cut their losses and run for cover.

A multi billion dollar franchise, seemingly helpless at the hands of a million dollar social justice warrior crybaby.

I would’ve kicked his ass to the curb on day one, when he refused to stand for the National Anthem.

“The immediate nipping of the bud on the blatant disrespect from few, earns great respect from many in an instant.”

That’s me, quoting myself.

Yes Sir…

The very instant when that confused little mama’s boy attempted to pull his political statement B.S. on American taxpayer soil, I would have cut him off at the knees.

Then he’d really have a reason to kneel for our anthem.

There’s no place in this world for such blatant disrespect and foolishness.

So, the NFL ultimately did the right thing and ran him out of the land of pig skin, but their hesitancy nearly destroyed them.

Now, Nike has seemingly laid their throat down on the chopping block.

And to be completely honest, I hope that the Axeman, Lady Liberty, swings away with full force.

Blunt Force Trauma.

That’s what Nike is asking for, and that’s precisely what they deserve at this point.

Nike made their bed, and now they get to sleep in it.

The Betsy Ross Edition, Independence Day Commemorative Shoe Line.

Sounded pretty awesome to me!

I would’ve bought at least six pair.

One pair for each member of my family, and an additional pair as a collector’s piece.

Coincidentally, last month I got a tattoo on my left arm of the first American flag with the original thirteen stars.

I got it to remind myself and others of the importance of the founding of our great nation.

A symbol of integrity and respect.

But little Colin boy obviously doesn’t feel that way.

Colin Kaepernick sees the original American flag as a sign of slavery and everything horrible that goes along with it.

Well, I’ve got some words of advice for you, Colin Kaepernick…

If early travelers to America hadn’t brought slaves along with them for the ride, you’d still be shaking sharp sticks in Africa to kill your supper.

You haven’t the slightest clue in the world of how well off you have it.

Because of white people, your ancestors came to America.

Because of white people, you were dragged from the gutter when your biological parents abandoned you.

Because of white people, you were signed to a multi million dollar a year contract to play in the NFL.

Because of white people, you have a pathetic and embarrassing race card to play in the first place.

Colin Kaepernick, white people have given you everything.

I ask you this, Colin Kaepernick…

What have you given us?

A reason to hate the country that has freed us?

A reason to hate the soil that has fed us?

A reason to hate the people who have protected us?

A reason to hate the flag that has symbolized us?

A reason to hate the anthem that has unified us?

The more thought that I put into this, the more conclusive I’ve become.

It’s very evident that you have given us something…

A reason to hate.

The only problem for you is this…

We don’t hate the country.

We also don’t hate the soil.

We surely don’t hate the people.

We definitely don’t hate the flag.

And we assuredly don’t hate the anthem.

Quite matter of factly, I can only think of one part of this equation that We The People unanimously hate…

“Biting The Hand That Feeds You”

And that part of the equation is You,

Colin Kaepernick.

End of story.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

July 4th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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