Happy Independence Day! Another Offensive Holiday For The Liberal Mob


Independence Day”

Once upon a time, these words meant something wonderful to everyone.

Today, they only mean something great to anyone who isn’t a die hard liberal.

Unfortunately for liberals, that’s exactly what is on their horizon…

Dying hard.

Make no mistake.

Though they may die hard, I promise you this… they will die.

Nothing under the face of the sun, fueled with so much negativity, can live forever.

So much hatred.

America was once great.

Anyone who refuses to acknowledge or believe that, doesn’t know their history.

Pick a country…

Any country on the face of the Earth.

I will say, with utmost confidence, that at some point in history, at least one soul from that country has prayed to their God above, for American Patriotism to save them from their turmoil and suffering.

Can that be said of any other country in the world?

I highly doubt it.

The American Dream.

Did I coin this phrase?

Did you?

No, we did not.

But someone surely did.

And I’m betting my money that it wasn’t an American.

So, what does that say about America?

Who is anyone to have the nerve to say that America was never great?

No Sir…

America was great.

And America will be great again.

As soon as the far left liberal party is forever exterminated from this great land.

The liberal mob has us all questioning if we still are, or if we ever were, the majority.

The Silent Majority.

I contest to you, with all of my heart and soul, that there are far more of us, than there are of them.

And they are pushing us further and further toward a great precipice.

At the soon to be epic moment, when we are all locked in quarrel, leaning over the edge of the great cliff of fate, some will fall.

And the rest of us will rise high above.

The American Dream”

The great symbolic American Eagle will swoop down from above and we will all carry together under her wings.

And that moment is very soon to come.

President Trump is hosting a great event at The Lincoln Memorial.

An event that will forever solidify American Patriotism and it’s well earned future in the world.

Americans from all across the Earth will be watching and praying at this moment.





Call it what you will…

July 4th, 2019, will forever be remembered as a day when President Donald J. Trump further unified The American Dream to the patriotic inhabitants of the world.

A remembrance for all, of what Independence Day means to a true American.

Independence Day is the most crucial of all American holidays.

Without Independence Day, all other American holidays would cease to exist.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day…

Memorial Day…

Labor Day…

Columbus Day…

Veteran’s Day…

None of these holidays would hold any meaning whatsoever if it weren’t for the birth of our great nation on this day in 1776.

On this day, we remember the honors and the sacrifices of everyone in history who gave contribution for the well of The American Dream.

Keeping America Great”

For this, I am absolutely grateful and eternally thankful.

Happy 4th Of July!

God Bless You.

God Bless Us.

God Bless America.

God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

July 4th, 2019.

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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