AOC And Her “Well Placed Misplacement” In Congress

What can I say about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

She is precisely what happens when you force feed ethnic & gender diversity into the political arena.

At some point in time, some ignorant liberal, with their head shoved a bit too far up their you know what, decided that we had one too few Hispanic females in the United States Congress.

The same can be said about Muslim females in Congress as well, but Ilhan Omar is another story for another time.

So, someone, at some time, looked at the “Hall of the House Of Representatives” and said “we need to fill one of those seats with a Hispanic woman”.

So, rather than do the right thing and recruit one properly, what was done by the Dems in charge?

They picked one out of a hat.

Could you imagine what would happen if you chose this strategy in other areas of professionalism?

Take professional baseball for example.

Let’s say that the baseball Gods decided that there weren’t enough Hispanic pitchers in Major League Baseball.

That’s an amusing analogy, I know, but just bear with me.

What would they do?

They would send scouts to high schools and universities in search of Hispanic talent.

Put emphasis on those last two words…

They wouldn’t send scouts in search of Hispanics… they would send scouts in search of Hispanic Talent.

Once they found the talent that they were looking for, they would send said talent to baseball camps and pitching programs.

What would they do next?

Well, I’m glad that you asked me that.

They would send their freshly recruited talent up to the minor league to try them out for size.

If the talent worked hard enough, and performed well enough, they might strike it big and get signed into a deal in the majors.

That’s how it works.

Working your way up the ladder.

It invokes a little thing called incentive.

Or, at least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Now, imagine this.

What would happen if the same people who decided we needed more Hispanic pitchers, just picked a Hispanic out of a hat.

They then completely skip the entire ladder process mentioned above.

One moment, this guy is daydreaming about his future, and the next minute…


He’s the starting pitcher for the Yankees in the big game against the Red Sox.

He’s up there on the mound.

He looks right.

He’s dressed right.

His haircut is right.

His skin tone is perfect.

You even caught the press conference before the game and you got a chance to hear him.

His accent is spot on perfect.

This guy is gonna make a great pitcher.

He’s gonna put the Yankees right into late October.

Here we go!

He flexes his glove around the ball in hand.

He gives a perfectly focused glance at the catcher.

He winds up…

He delivers!!!

And the ball goes wild, right into the Yankees dugout and slams the designated hitter square in the nose.

Oh no…

This guy is perfect and everything that goes along with his skin tone has equal perfection, but there’s just one problem.

The guy can’t pitch.

What would happen?

How would the management react?

More importantly, how would the fans react?

They would ship that pitcher off on the first bus out of town.

Why should this reaction be any different for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her performance as a Congresswoman in the United States House Of Representatives?

The answer is simple…

It shouldn’t.

So, it was obviously decided that the House needed a fresh, young, vibrant Hispanic female.

Judging a book simply by its cover, we give you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.


Everything that a growing Congress needs.

Well, as I’ve stated with liberals before, and I’ll state it again,

The Democrats made their bed, and now they get to lay in it.

AOC has been a Congresswoman for a year.

That’s it… a year.

And she’s already divided the Democratic Party into two groups…

The crazy liberals are standing on the left…

And the batshit crazy liberals are standing on the far left.

That’s The Democrat Party.

That is their world now.

Thank our God above, that it is not our world.

Our world is sane.

Our world is peaceful.

Our world is correct.

Our world is right.

And our world will prevail as good always prevails over evil.

Make no mistake…

People like AOC,

People who support people like AOC,

And crazy far left liberal choices that are pushed by people like AOC…

Will be the destruction of what was once The Democratic Party.

I’ve been saying this since the 2016 election and I still stand by it…

The Democratic Party is endangered.

The Democratic Party is on a self destructive path to inevitable extinction.

They will be defeated by Socialism.

And then Socialism will go to war with Conservatism.

And Conservatism will prevail.

Who knows…

Maybe when this is all over, we may finally become the first successful nation in the world to sustain with a single party.

After all…

Crazier things have happened…


Just look at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

July 6th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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