Google’s “Doodle” Banner… Their Self Created Political Controversy

We are all familiar with the colorful look of the original Google search bar, which has gone unchanged since it’s unveiling to the world.

However, these days, the popular search bar is accompanied above with an artistic banner that has come to be known as the Google “Doodle”.

What you may or may not know, is that this “Doodle” has a very rich and, now controversial history.

August 30th, 1998, nearly two years after the creation of their now powerful search engine, Google founders Larry Page & Sergey Brin launched the very first Google “Doodle”.

It was designed as an “out of office message” to let users know that Page & Brin were away from Google headquarters to attend The Burning Man Festival, which is itself a controversial event that deals with several aspects of “radicalization” of political economics.

This very first Google “Doodle” depicted a burning man stick figure behind the second “O” of the Google logo.

Little did the founders of Google know, they had just opened a can of worms that would eventually catapult them down a seemingly bottomless political rabbit hole.

They didn’t know it yet, but the idea of decorating the company’s logo to celebrate notable events had been born.

In 2000, Page & Brin asked their then intern Dennis Hwang to design a doodle in celebration of Bastille Day, which is basically France’s version of The 4th Of July for America.

Keep that little known fact in mind, because it’s going to hold monumental irony as we delve deeper into this story.

Hwang’s Bastille Day Doodle was such a hit, he was officially promoted to “Chief Doodler”.

The early doodles were incorporated to celebrate major holidays & events, but eventually they went completely haywire to include a new one every single day of every year, ranging from the invention of the ice cream sundae to the 224th birthday of Louis Daguerre.

Everything with the Google “Doodle” appeared to be fine, dandy, and non controversial… that was until the liberal media stuck their grubby fingers in the pie.

It notably began to sway into crazy territory in 2014, when a liberal activist organization known as “The Spark Group” published an article complaining that Google Doodles honored white males, and therefore displayed a troublesome and problematic race & gender imbalance.

Boy, don’t the liberals love that word… Problematic.

Google founders Page & Brin then promised the angry liberal mob that they would make a valiant commitment to fix this horrific and indecent imbalance.

It obviously wasn’t long of course, before religious holidays, Christianity in particular, found themselves on the Google chopping block.

The next thing we knew, we were witnessing colorfully artistic Google “Doodles” in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but not Easter Sunday.

“There’s Simply No Time For Easter”

But the madness didn’t stop there…

Here’s a Google “Doodle” in celebration of Ramadan, the annual celebration of Islamic faith.

“Celebratory Google Doodle For Ramadan”

But when Christmas rolled around, it was nothing but crickets.

Fast forward to a few days ago…

July 4th, 2019…

Independence Day In America.

Any guess what the depiction was in the Google Doodle for that day?

Take a look…

“Independence Day 2019 Google Doodle”

Do you see anything in that “Doodle” that represents American Independence Day?

Apparently, Google’s idea of the 4th Of July is peanuts, popcorn & baseball.

Well done Google.

Let’s look back on that ever so popular Google “Doodle” commemorating Bastille Day, shall we?

Bastille Day”

If that weren’t enough, here’s another…

“But None For America”

Now, let’s focus on today, and the ultimate example that inspired this as my topic for today…

I give you today’s Google “Doodle”…

Actually, there are two of them…

Wait… this actually seems patriotic…

I must have their intentions all wrong…

Maybe I should click onto this beautifully patriotic looking red, white & blue banner to see what the message is that Google is sending to me…

Here we go!…

Now I understand…

It was too offensive to the world to give us a patriotic American banner for Independence Day…

But three days later…

They give us this amazing patriotic American looking Google “Doodle” in commemoration of…

“The Women’s World Cup”

I’m at a loss for words.

Tell me your thoughts.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

July 7th, 2019

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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