The Liberal Strategy… Dishing It Out, But Not Taking It.

Dedicated to Keith Barrett…

“May God have mercy on your twisted liberal soul.”

Disclaimer… I make it a direct point to use appropriate language in all of my writing. However, accuracy to context prompted me to use a few words in this article with the substance of mild profanity.

If you’re a Conservative with any accounts on social media, then this article should hit pretty close to home.

Have you been blocked on social media, or been forced to cut ties with anyone on such platforms, as a result of your conservative views?

It could be a friend of recent acquaintance, a lifelong relationship, or even an immediate family member… if they’re a liberal, and you’re a conservative, chances are pretty good that you’ve clashed one way or the other, especially since the 2016 Presidential election.

My first experience of this nature occurred a couple of years ago, not too long after the election.

A lifelong classmate, with whom I’d grown up from Kindergarten through high school, decided to get on Facebook and join in on a “shit all over America post”.

It was someone else’s post, and I don’t remember it’s precise context, but I certainly recall how it ended.

The liberal comments on the post had started out dumb, and they got dumber in quick fashion.

Then my lifelong acquaintance, a bleeding heart liberal named Clarence, decided to comment the following:

“This country is a pathetic joke. And by the way, I’m totally ok with people stomping on the flag… just sayin.”

That was my breaking point.

Enough had been enough.

I got on that post like stink on shit, and for lack of better terminology, I tore him a new asshole.

You see, this loser and I graduated high school in the Class of 1994.

We were too young when the Desert Storm Gulf War broke, and by the time we went back to Iraq after 9/11, we were too old.

Therefore, a great majority of my generation did not serve in the military.

As the youngest son of a Vietnam Veteran, it occasionally bothered me that I had never served my country in a militaristic fashion.

But I also knew that there were many other ways to serve your country.

For example… Spreading pride, honor, glory, bravery and respect for one’s country is also a great way to serve.

And in these ways, I proudly serve my country.

Which is precisely why I don’t, in any way, shape or form, tolerate the disrespect of our flag and country.

My pride for my country, in my case The United States Of America, stems not only from the fact that my father is a Veteran, but also from my many years of great interest as a history buff.

I’m not going to sit here and give you one hundred and one reasons why The United States is a great country.

That would be another article in itself.

Anyone who knows their history, even remotely, knows that The United States has served as universal protector against mass evil in the world for well over a century.

Anyone who attempts to dispute that with a straight face, is either grossly misinformed, or doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

That being said, I have little to zero tolerance when anyone says that they’re cool with flag stomping or anything of an unpatriotic nature.

Take my bleeding heart liberal buddy Clarence, for example…

At some point, down along the trunk of his family tree, there may have been a Great War hero.

Whether it be Vietnam, Korea, The World Wars, The American Civil War, The Revolutionary War, The French and Indian War, or even further back in European roots of history, chances are that someone in his bloodline served to protect someone or something that they loved & cherished.

How would that ancestor feel today if they knew that their great great grandson would grow up to be proud of spitting on their country?

New ignorant generations of self entitled mama’s boys, teaching their children to stomp on a flag, for which their forefathers sacrificed blood and life?

It’s absolutely shameful.

And it’s disgusting.

Fast forward to last week.

It happened again.

It was close to bedtime and I decided to see what was happening on Facebook.

I began scrolling down my homepage and imagine what I saw…

A post from another lifelong acquaintance.

Keith, a bleeding heart liberal moron, of whom I’d known since I was a baby, posted a meme that portrayed President Trump as a draft dodging Nazi.

These liberals…

I tell ya…

They haven’t the slightest clue on Earth of the history of this world, nor the reality of its dangers.

Do these idiots live in a bubble, surrounded by their own self envisioned fantasy land?

I’m sorry, but if I were Jewish, I’d be some pissed off about the ridiculous Nazi references that the left have been carelessly spewing since the election of President Trump.

If these poorly educated people had the slightest clue of what realistically transpired on Earth as a result of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, they would never have the stones to utter the “N” word again.

Getting back to Keith and his reference to President Trump being a draft dodger.

Keith is in his early 50’s.

He’s a Phish fanatic and a “Grateful Deadhead”.

He actually inspires to cultivate his appearance to image that of Jerry Garcia.

Time to grow up, buddy… Jerry is dead.

Ironically, Keith never served in the armed services.

Quite matter of factly, the only time that he’s served was throughout several jail sentences for committing typical Anti-American hippy crimes within our borders.

So, when I stumbled across his Anti-American NeverTrumper hippy post, it was no surprise that the meme was followed up with nearly a hundred comments, most of which written by he and his fellow bleeding heart liberal buddies.

As if the meme post weren’t disgusting enough, the liberal comments attached to it were far more disturbing.

It was basically a mile long, shit all over America, comment thread.

One big happy party, filled with over fifty, America hating, flag stomping liberal pussies.

I gave myself no choice but to crash that party.

As is usual on social media these days, there were a handful of mindful comments from level headed faithful Americans, but these comments made up approximately five percent, versus the ninety five percent of derogatory comments from liberal idiots.

Beside each of the very few Pro-America comments, you’d be lucky to find one or two thumbs up “likes”.

In contrast, next to every single shit on America comment, it was no surprise to see forty or fifty likes.

I could have literally gotten on that thread, commented “Eff Trump, and Eff America” and I would have easily been the star of the comments section.

Absolutely disgusting.

So, I praised the handful of true Americans on the post, and I called out the rest for their ignorance.

Within less than ten minutes, I received a private message from Keith.

It read, and I quote:

Ryan, you’re the only one on that thread who’s personally attacking and lashing out at individuals. Be a gentleman and be respectful and just stop.”

I immediately replied to Keith with this…

“If you don’t expect blowback, I’d recommend not posting such ignorant bullshit that divides the country even further. That’s the most ignorant post that I’ve ever seen in my life. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. I’m absolutely disgusted by that bullshit. Millions of people have died horrible deaths for your freedom. I respect that, not your twisted liberal views that hold zero sense of the reality of the world. Portraying Trump as a fucking Nazi. You’re a complete moron. How’s that for gentleman? We’re literally one step away from civil war because of ignorant bullshit exactly like what you just posted. It’s sickening.”

I’ll give you one guess as to his reply…

“Bye Ryan.”

And then he immediately blocked me before he had to endure one more of my “attacking lash out” messages.

And that leads me to the moral of this entire article.

Liberals are spineless.

Liberals are cowardly.

Liberals are shameful.

Liberals are uneducated.

Liberals don’t know their own history.

Liberals are hypocrites.

Liberals have zero debate skills.

Liberals are afraid of facts.

We’ve simply got to face the truth…

You back a liberal into their own corner with facts, and they panic for the block button.

Sad and pathetic indeed.

Thank God there are people like you and I who are still raising decent human beings.

Because Lord knows that the liberals aren’t.

Liberals can dish it out, but they just can’t take it.”

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy.

July 20th, 2019.

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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