Trump Legacy 2116

One of the greatest and most popular questions of our time…

One hundred years from now, how will history write the era of Donald J. Trump?

Well, for starters, the anti Trump liberal establishment thinks they’ve got it all completely under their control.

In their fantasies, Trump will be forever remembered as an impeached Russian agent, fueled by narcissistic bigotry & sexism, who blindly led his pathetically inferior following of deplorable supporters off the edge of a failed racist country that was once known as America.

I ask you… what kind of sick & demented minded individual would take grace or pleasure in such a vision?

Fortunately for those of us who share a formidable sanity, and a true majority, a far more realistic account of our current events will be sealed & secured for the generations of our future.

How can I justify such a bold prediction?

Because of one old adage of ideology…

Evil may reign in vane from time to time, but good will always prevail in the end.

Call it what you will…

The Golden Rule.



What goes around, comes around.

Mark these words to follow…

“In the end, the truth will set us all free.”

As I write this, I’m forty years old. I graduated from high school just before the turn of the 21st century.

Little had I known at the time, but I had been educated in an American public school system that was structurally infected from top to bottom with liberal propaganda.

Now that I have children of my own in this same corrupt public school system, it’s become increasingly clear that the political bias is not only still present, but has gotten far worse.

All of our children’s textbooks, as they were when I was in school, are written by California liberals.

My family and I live in Maine on the Northeastern coast of the United States.

Why are far left liberal ideals from 3,000 miles away, being driven into the impressionable minds of my young children?

Because, like many other systems in our country, the American education system is overridden with liberal political bias.

Fortunately for us, times are changing.

The Revolution to give America back to the Americans began at the start of the election of 2016.

It began with Donald J. Trump…

And it will continue with us.

We are defeating the corrupt liberal establishment.

We will continue to defeat their evil.

We will rewrite our history books…

With the truth.

In 2116, on the centennial anniversary celebration of the genesis of our great revolution, history will view our time as follows…

A great nation on Earth was born in 1776.

For over two centuries, this nation made great advances, suffered great sacrifices, and endured great hardships.

As with every other great nation in the history of our world, good battled evil.

As was the challenge in many other places, throughout many other times, evil found its foothold in America.

The roots of this evil threatened to topple this country from within…

Until the year 2016, when one American citizen with the ability to be heard, stood to be the voice for those kept in silence…

And those kept silent, supported his voice.

And they all rose together, hand in hand, with he as their leader…

To take back their country…

To regain their freedom…

Against all evil…

For future generations to come.

President Donald J. Trump,

You are our savior.

We are your people.

Together, we will raise the American dream to the top of every peak, so that we may set our Eagle Eye on evil from afar.

The far left liberal establishment is no match for true American resolve.

We will prevail.

They will be defeated in total destruction.

Though history may forgive them,

No one shall ever forget them.

For this history shall not be repeated.

America belongs to her people.

We will never give her back to evil.

To all liberals, this may be a rather tough pill to swallow, but your sickness must be remedied…

“It’s time to take your medicine.”

God Bless America.

God Bless The American People.

God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

You will forever be remembered.

Opinions by Ryan A. Murphy

February 9th, 2020

“Take It Or Leave It.”

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